Day 23- Hungry or Thirsty?

Submitted by BaylorBlondie on Thu, 05/18/2006 - 7:40pm.

One good tip I’ve received is that people can sometimes mistake thirst for hunger.  I think this might by what I do at times.  A few days ago, I grabbed a bottled water as I was leaving work.  In the car I felt “hungry” and started to think about dinner.  I made myself drink the entire bottle of water on the drive home and actually felt full when I walked in the door.  I didn’t eat dinner until two hours later.

I’m making efforts to step up my exercise routine as I have a desk job and never exercise.  As I previously mentioned, I signed up for bellydancing classes.  Today I ordered the Carmen Electra Fit to Strip series.  With my multiple past failed attempts at incorporating an exercise program into my daily routine, I’ve learned that I need to do something fun so I don’t feel like I’m exercising.  I’ve always loved to dance so hopefully this will help me shed pounds even quicker.  The fact that I’m spending my own money on this is also a good motivator.
Today I didn’t take lunch until 3pm.  I actually wasn’t even hungry.  I ran errands and came back.  I did have Goldfish for a snack but really only to keep up my metabolism.  I tend to not get hungry when I get very busy working.  I simply don’t notice that I haven’t eaten.  Perhaps this is why I binge on bad foods on the weekend- I’m more relaxed and it’s not a constant go, go, go!
Breakfast:  Tomato Soup, Dr. Pepper

Lunch: Goldfish, water

Dinner: Mac & Cheese