Day 27- Personal Chef?

Submitted by BaylorBlondie on Mon, 05/22/2006 - 7:44pm.

While I do enjoy the wide variet of foods on the Sonoma Diet, I find that it has a drawback.  For somebody who does not cook often or well, I feel like I need a personal chef to make all the suggested meals.  This really turns me off of the diet and makes it easier to cook something already in my pantry.  The recipes seem quite difficult to a novice chef who is not used to so much prep work.  Again, my idea of a “quick meal” does not include marinading for 4 hours in the instructions. 

Given my lack of enthusiam for cooking, I have barely lost weight.  I have been questioning if this is the most appropriate diet for me.  The suggested meals sound wonderfully delicious, but I need something with less prep time and ingredients I’ve heard of. 
I’ve made an effort to avoid heavily processed foods and I have recognized a change.  I had fast-food cheeseburger/fries this past weekend as we were driving back to Dallas.  I quit eating the fries halfway through and felt very gross.  It was as if there was a film in my mouth from all the preservatives.  Yuck!  I used to love getting fast food at least once per week.  I think I have truly kicked this habit.  And yes, I’m still at one Dr. Pepper per day.