Day 34: Shake what yo mamma gave ya!

Submitted by BaylorBlondie on Wed, 05/31/2006 - 7:13pm.

Yea!  My dance workout DVD’s have arrived.  I briefly popped in the first DVD this weekend and half-heartedly followed the routine for only a few minutes.  I found that even after that short time, I felt more energetic and somewhat tired from the workout.  I can’t wait to find a block of time one night to start working out with these videos.  My first bellydancing class is this Saturday so I’m hoping to learn a few basics before the class begins.  I’m excited about building more exercise into my Sonoma Diet plan.

I have been more conscious of what I eat when we go out to a restaurant.  I never finish my entrée and have begun to drink more water during my meals.  This has helped to fill me up quicker.  I have also noticed that I am still slowly losing weight.  There isn’t a dramatic weight loss, but the pounds are still shedding.  I’ve also changed by snacking method.  While I still love my Goldfish, I am eating them one at a time instead of a small handful.  This makes it last longer and I feel full earlier than I used to.  This was suggested by the Sonoma Diet daily email.  It encourages you to eat your meals slowly so you can truly enjoy them plus not consume as much.  So far, it’s working and my belly has shrunk a little bit.