Day 37: Travel Food

Submitted by BaylorBlondie on Fri, 06/02/2006 - 8:17pm.

I swayed from my diet at lunch by ordering a pizza sub.  This was bread, pepperoni, pizza sauce, and cheese.  Not terribly healthy but I did need to add more meat into my diet.  My diet has genreally been healthier since I have not been traveling for work as much.  However, I discovered that I will be traveling two weeks this month.  My company knows how to throw top notch events.  We always have the best food even at internal meetings.  This also means hotel room service and lots of restaurant food.  I have found that this is when I gain the most weight since I’m constantly eating/drinking and not working out.  Not to mention that some of my meals are in the airport so that means a choice of McDonalds or the Pretzel Place.  I doubt either are on the Sonoma Diet plan.

I am going out dancing with friends this weekend so that will be counted as exercise.  We have not been dancing in the longest time so it will be a way to have fun and simultaneously burn calories.  My scale actually says that I have gained a pound, but this may be water retention since I recently started to consciously drink a lot of water.  I’m hoping that the scale will start its downward trek in a few days.