Day 46: Wedding Food

Submitted by BaylorBlondie on Sun, 06/11/2006 - 1:59pm.

It’s wedding season!  We went to a wedding on Friday night and another Saturdy night which meant more highly-processed foods and cake and chocolate fountain.  The good thing is the Friday wedding mainly had fruit, berries, and cheese cubes.  I snacked on the fruit and berries mostly.  The Saturday wedding (an outdoor wedding in the summer in Texas, mind you!) served fajitas.  I figured that I had sweated enough throughout the ceremony to indulge.  I ended up drinking six bottles of water after this.  I only had one chicken fajita and a few chips, but may have outdone myself on the chocolate fountain.  While I did have a few strawberries, I don’t think this counts if they’re covered in chocolate. 

One good thing is I have now gone from eating a huge slice of cake to merely sampling the cake.  That much sugar actually tasted very gross after a few bites.  The bad thing with this is my husband has a weakness for cake so he eats my leftovers.  We try to keep each other accountable, but I usually don’t have enough time to suggest an alternative before he gobbles it up.  It’s always the cake.  He can exhibit self-control with other foods, but not cake.