Day 48: Progress!

Submitted by BaylorBlondie on Tue, 06/13/2006 - 2:01pm.

My bellydancing classes have been going great.  I have also been eating much healthier.  I have lost 3 pounds according to my scale.  I will admit that I don’t follow my suggested Sonoma Diet meals at every meal (this is mostly due to my severe lack of cooking skills), but I have incorporated many of the Sonoma Diet tips into my daily routine.  I tend to use smaller plates for my meals and have asked myself, “Am I really hungry or just bored?”  I have started eating new, healthier foods.  I opt for salad for lunch or grilled fish for dinner.  In the past few months, I have had fast food once.  It tasted horrible.  I’m walking proof that even the most stubborn people can make drastic food changes over time.

I previously wrote about incorporating more water into my diet as a way to curb my appetite and not eat as much.  Strangely enough, this was the topic of my daily Sonoma Diet email.  I can successfully report that I am down to 2-3 caffiine drinks per week and drink about 3, 16oz bottled waters each work day.  I have been quite shocked to find that I feel more alert each morning when I wake up after I switched over to water.  I used to drag myself to work and head straight for the kitchen.  I like that I am no longer dependednt on this drug to jump start my day.