Day 63: Getting better on business meals

Submitted by BaylorBlondie on Wed, 06/28/2006 - 2:00pm.

I have clothes!  The airline delivered my luggage while I was at the meeting yesterday.  Last night after sailing (yes, I went sailing on a sailboat and didn’t drown!), we had dinner at the resort which included a clam bake.  Now I’m not sure if clams and huge lobsters are on the Sonoma Diet, but I just couldn’t pass up free lobster.  These aren’t baby lobsters either- they were big!  I consciously tried to keep my melted butter dipping to a minimum and also had a salad.  I did skip dessert last night.  This was a big deal as everybody at my table went back for seconds as well as dessert but I did not.  I felt a little guilty and they did question me for this, but to me, it was progress.  The night before, I had caved with dessert.  Last night, I was firm even when dessert was on a huge table five feet away.

Tonight we went on a dinner cruise around Manhattan and the Statue of Liberty.  I believe the theme of this conference is “meet and eat.”  The dinner cruise boasted lots of appetizers and a huge dinner.  I tried for healthier options.  I found myself splurging on the dessert, but only had a few bites.  I felt gross after a few bites of all the cake.