Day 64: Business Meeting Eating

Submitted by BaylorBlondie on Thu, 06/29/2006 - 2:00pm.

Home again.  We finished our meetings this morning in New York and I am thankfully back home.  It is crazy to think that I had lunch in New York and dinner in Dallas.  Lunch today was very rushed as our meeting ran long and our car had already arrived to take us to the airport.  I did manage to grab a big salad and a small helping of pasta.  I loved that our resort had a large salad bar.  This allowed me to pick out the darker salad leaves and only use a small amount of dressing.  I really like being able to create my own salads this way.  I find that restaurants and other dining places really go overboard on the amount of salad dressing.  This is why I always get my salad dressing on the side as the Sonoma Diet suggests.

Breakfast this week has been a croissant, dry cereal, and water.  Not very healthy but it was grab and go food outside our meeting room.  I needed something I could nibble on throughout the morning presentations.  I did pass on the sugary breakfast options.  Thanks to the Sonoma Diet, these options are no longer very appealing to me.