Day 69: Body fighting back

Submitted by BaylorBlondie on Tue, 07/04/2006 - 2:01pm.

Happy Independence Day!  A group of us went out to watch the big fireworks display put on by the city last night, and I had a corndog.  Honestly, it just felt right.  Eating a corndog in a big field of people watching fireworks.  However, after all the food this weekend, I am craving healthier options. 

It is very interesting how my body is rejecting all this processed, high-fat food since I have been eating healthier.  All that food really does make you feel ‘blah.’  I actually felt quite sick to my stomach yestoday and had a horrible headache which is rare for me.  I concluded that it was not anything I ate or drank as I did not overdue in these areas.  It was my body fighting back saying “Why are you giving me all this crap?!  Where are my fruits and veggies?”  To combat this, I drank a lot of water.  This eventually made me feel better.  Yeah, I did have that corndog later on, but I think that was more psychological.  It is an American food that I have paired with the holiday.