Day 70: Eating out additives

Submitted by BaylorBlondie on Wed, 07/05/2006 - 2:02pm.

Back to work after the long weekend.  I mentioned that after my weekend indulgence of high-fat, processed food, I was craving healthier options.  Our group of friends ended up going to a Hibachi Restaurant last night.  I admit it felt weird having hibachi on the Fourth of July- delicious, but weird.  We started with the soup/broth and salad which tasted amazing.  I ordered teriakyi steak with vegetables.  The vegetables and rice were wonderful.  I thought I was eating so healthy since there were vegetables (carrots, peas, etc) in my rice as well.  The steak was a good source of protein after the dairy-full weekend.  I passed on dessert.

The one bad thing is while watching the chef prepare our meal, I did not realize how much salt and butter go into hibachi cooking.  For once, seeing that made me a little hesistant to eat it.  It also made me think about how my meals are prepared at other restaurants.  When eating now, I tend to use very little salt and butter.  This is another example of my progress as I used these items heavily pre-diet.  Seeing this, I am less inclined to eat out at a restaurant unless I will be ordering a house salad.