Day 75: Increasing my Exercise Program & Dumb Comments from the hubby

Submitted by BaylorBlondie on Mon, 07/10/2006 - 1:36pm.

The Sonoma Diet agrees exercising will quicken benefits/weight loss though it is not an integral part of the diet.   I'm somewhat surprised exercise isn't highlighted in this diet.  But I am more determined to exercise multiple times a week instead of just weekends.  The fact that I have managed to walk a few miles each weekend at the nature preserve is amazing considering that I absolutely hate to exercise.  Since I have been consistent in this, I am adding to my workout program by increasing it to at least 3 times per week.   Nothing amazing, but I need to take small steps if I am really going to stick with this. 

This week, my husband and I plan to walk tonight (Monday), Wednesday, and Saturday/Sunday.  I will likely go walk by myself on Thursday evening since he has a work event.  Our plan is to come home from work, eat dinner, watch TV while this settles, go walk/run, then shower/bedtime.  This seems reasonable and something I will actually do.  While he does love to run, I HATE it. 

This increased plan stemmed from comments from my husband.  Being a typical idiot guy, he tried to solve my problem with the following solution, though it didn’t come out the way he intended: “You know, if you exercised a little more, you could actually be thin.”  Thanks babe for that self-esteem booster.  Poor guys.  They just need to listen and nod instead of always trying to solve the problem.  It would save them evil looks from their wife.