Day 90: House Cleaning

Submitted by BaylorBlondie on Tue, 07/25/2006 - 7:13pm.

The Sonoma Diet encourages lots of fruits and veggies in the second wave.  To go along with this, I picked up some more bags of dried fruit this weekend as a feeble attempt at pennance for my weekend debauchery.  I have these in my desk at work as a healthier snack option.  Love the dried mangoes!  I tend to not have a typical lunch as I work straight through this time, but rather I snack every few hours.  I have found that I tend to eat less since I eat just a few bites to satisfy that craving then stop.  The potential downfall to this is that if I don’t stop, then I could graze unconsciously.  In addition to the dried fruit, I have been cleaning out my pantry of all the bad snack foods (jellybeans, chocolate bars, candy, etc) and bringing them to our lunch room at work.  The good news is that the bad foods are out of my house, and I have not been eating them despite that they are still accessible.  The bad news is that I’m giving my coworkers sugar/fat-filled snacks, and they are eating them.  However, I really don’t have any remorse over this.