Day 100: Vacationing from Goldfish

Submitted by BaylorBlondie on Fri, 08/04/2006 - 11:59am.

One of the ways the Sonoma Diet has helped me is by encouraging me to watch my snacking.  I have gotten so much better about not snacking at work.  This week, I have been the only person on my floor as most are on vacation.  You would think I would not be worried about snacking since nobody would really know, but I have only had my trusty water bottle sitting on my desk.  If I do have a strong snack urge that water cannot fix, I reach for the dried mangoes I  have in my desk.  With no fat and only 160 calories/serving, it is a healthier option.  My second favorite are dried apricots.  I even made a small step at getting my family to eat healthier by introducing this item to them.  Amazingly enough, they loved them and are snacking on this instead of bowls of ice cream.  The natural sweetness in the fruit satisfies any sweet tooth. 

For my lifestyle, this dried fruit is perfect.  If I buy fresh fruit at the store, a few pieces inevitably end up spoiling because I do not eat them quickly enough.  If I buy smaller quantities, it requires me to go grocery shopping more often which I do not always have time for.  With these dried fruit resealable packages, I can keep them for over a week.