Day 105: Celery & Caffine

Submitted by BaylorBlondie on Wed, 08/09/2006 - 12:00pm.

I have made several advances on my Sonoma Diet by eating healthier and trying new foods.  I have discovered that I really enjoy healthy foods that before I honestly never would have tried.  However, I still do not like celery.  I have given it numerous tries but I think it still tastes funny.  I wish I could like to eat it since it is quite healthy.  My husband loves chips and salsa but figured out that he can substitute the celery for chips as a much healthier snack option.  He likes it since it still has that crunchy feeling.  Even covered in spicy salsa though, I can still taste that yucky celery.

I also discovered that like any drug, caffine can still affect my body.  I broke down and had a soft drink with dinner last night.  The next morning, I felt less energetic and felt like I needed another soft drink to jump start my day.  Luckily, I overcame this and grabbed a water at work.  I will admit that I felt very sluggish that entire morning.  That was my first soft drink in several weeks.  I am somewhat surprised at how I reacted to it and how quickly my dependency came back.