Day 114: Traveling Food

Submitted by BaylorBlondie on Fri, 08/18/2006 - 7:06pm.

I’m back from Chicago.  Traveling tends to lend itself to very unhealthy and sporadic eating.  Sonoma Diet?  What diet?  It’s hard to make good choices when you’re standing in Terminal A staring at: TCBY Frozen Yogurt, Taco Bueno, & McDonalds.  For the first time in a long time, I had McDonalds while waiting to board my flight.  It tasted blah and I felt so gross afterwards.  It only reinforced the fact that fast food is now disgusting to me.  One good thing is they actually print the nutritional information ON the wrapper/box.  That made for interesting conversation with my coworker (also having chicken nuggets & fries).  When I have kids, I will not have weekly trips to these fast food places.  Yikes!
Since I ate early afternoon before my flight, I was really hungry around 10pm.  So, I ordered pizza for room service.  Not a healthy choice, but it was Chicago style so I justified this as a cultural experience.  The leftover pizza served as my breakfast as well.  The cold pizza for breakfast brought back great collegiate memories.

I did better at lunch with a fabulous salad and water.  We had dinner reservations at a Central American restaurant and I had most of my snapper with mango salsa.  I did love the coconut rice served with it.  However, since it wasn’t Sonoma Diet approved brown rice, I only had a few bites.  The next morning, I had breakfast at the airport which again consisted of a pizza.  Honestly, I wasn’t feeling that well and pizza was the only appetizing thing I could find.  I arrived back home feeling like I had completely undone all my healthy eating in the previous weeks.