Day 117: Family eating healthier

Submitted by BaylorBlondie on Mon, 08/21/2006 - 2:47pm.

We spent the entire weekend helping my parents paint two rooms in the house.  Their house had flooded a few weeks back, and we were close to being finished with the remodeling.  After hours of painting, my mom made dinner.  Normally, my family does not eat very healthy, much less eat anything advocated by the Sonoma Diet.  Growing up, I would have a bowl of ice cream almost every day after school.  Not just a little bowl- a huge bowl covered in chocolate syrup.  Surprisingly, my mom had made a salad.  Even my little brother who is addicted to sugary foods ate it! 
She told us that she spoke with her friend and discovered that this other woman ate a salad at least once every day.  Since the friend was skinnier than my mother, my mom decided this was her new weight loss plan.  I am glad that she is taking a healthy approach to losing weight.  I am still trying to convince her that it is better to always put the salad dressing on the side.  This is a little trick I learned in my daily Sonoma Diet emails.  It really does drastically cut down on the amount of salad dressing you consume.