Day 127: Cruise in one month. Eek!

Submitted by BaylorBlondie on Thu, 08/31/2006 - 2:51pm.

It hit me yesterday that our cruise is in exactly one month.  While I do look thinner (yea!), my weight has fluctuated.  Some days the scale says I have lost several pounds, but the next morning, I’m right back up there.  As a result, I am consciously paying attention to what I eat and how it lines up with the Sonoma Diet. 
Lunch today consists of kiwi and green grapes.  One of my Sonoma Diet emails this week talked about the health benefits of eating grapes.  Particularly, there have been studies noting that people in the Mediterranean regions can eat lots of meat and carbs (pasta, breads, etc), but still have the lowest occurrence of heart disease.  Researchers believe this is because of the good nutrients found in grapes and subsequently wine.  Hence, the grape lunch.
My husband just called to inform me that he is having bar-b-que.  While I do not envy the fat and calories I will save by eating healthy, I did start craving that juicy meat covered in BBQ sauce.  My little grapes looked a little less appetizing after that phone call.  I have to consciously remind myself that I will be in a bikini in 30 days.  I tried on my swimsuit again, and it was not a pretty sight.  Despite this frustration, I am determined to look hot for our first anniversary cruise.