Day 133: Goal: Wear Dryer-Fresh Jeans

Submitted by BaylorBlondie on Wed, 09/06/2006 - 6:26pm.

I have almost given up on stepping on the scale.  I eat very healthy for a few days thanks to the Sonoma Diet AND workout only to find my weight has increased.  My husband encourages me by saying muscle weighs more than fat.  I know this, but I figured if all the fat went away, it would still be less.  I keep telling myself that right now it is more important how I look than how much I actually weigh.  I want to be able to put on my jeans as soon as they come out of the dryer without straining to zip and button them.  I also want to get rid of the muffin-top that is created by this.  Sure, they expand during the day & fit comfortably, but I want them to fit the first time I put them on.
I am planning on shopping for our cruise this weekend.  This entails the dreaded swimsuit shopping.  I haven’t bought a new suit in about 2 years.  The ones I currently own are from my skinny days.  I’m looking into the boyshorts since I figure this will cover more that, for the sake of humanity, shouldn’t be shown in public.