Day 154: Some progress

Submitted by BaylorBlondie on Wed, 09/27/2006 - 4:10pm.

It’s a few days before our cruise.  While my weight has stayed the same, I have noticed that I am more toned.  I still have a lot of flab to work off, but it’s slowly getting there.  I tried on my bikinis again & they were actually somewhat loose on me.  This is very encouraging considering when I bought them, I had a slight but very dreaded muffin top.  I do believe that the good eating habits I have learned from the Sonoma Diet have had very positive effects on my health, including those that I cannot see.
Given that we are so close to vacation and that I am off for a week-long training immediately afterwards, I have not been able to work out much this week.  We went walking twice this week, but there is no big last minute exercise push.  While I am not at my goal, I am comfortable wearing a swimsuit next week.  That is a big step.