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Day 69: Body fighting back

Submitted by BaylorBlondie on Tue, 07/04/2006 - 2:01pm.

Happy Independence Day!  A group of us went out to watch the big fireworks display put on by the city last night, and I had a corndog.  Honestly, it just felt right.  Eating a corndog in a big field of people watching fireworks.  However, after all the food this weekend, I am craving healthier options. 

Day 68: Ole!

Submitted by BaylorBlondie on Mon, 07/03/2006 - 2:01pm.

What a weekend.  My husband and I went out to eat Friday night (Tex-Mex) because I received a gift certificate and I was honestly craving good Tex-Mex after a week in New York.  To me, it is not real Tex-Mex if you are outside of the Texas border.  It just tastes horrible in any other state.  My brother’s birthday was on Saturday and he wanted a local Mexican fast food place so I had quesadillas.  After that, the inevitable birthday cake.  I was good with my Sonoma Diet sugar limitation and had a very very small piece.  Last night, my former boss had a cookout at her house.  Guess who catered?  Another Mexican cuisine restaurant.  All this food was ridiculously good but I don’t think the tomatos in the queso cancels out the oils and fat.  And I don’t think the lime flavor in the maragarita machine counted as a fruit serving.  To continue the Mexican food theme, my old boss gave us huge amounts of leftovers to take home.  This was lunch today.

Day 64: Business Meeting Eating

Submitted by BaylorBlondie on Thu, 06/29/2006 - 2:00pm.

Home again.  We finished our meetings this morning in New York and I am thankfully back home.  It is crazy to think that I had lunch in New York and dinner in Dallas.  Lunch today was very rushed as our meeting ran long and our car had already arrived to take us to the airport.  I did manage to grab a big salad and a small helping of pasta.  I loved that our resort had a large salad bar.  This allowed me to pick out the darker salad leaves and only use a small amount of dressing.  I really like being able to create my own salads this way.  I find that restaurants and other dining places really go overboard on the amount of salad dressing.  This is why I always get my salad dressing on the side as the Sonoma Diet suggests.

Day 63: Getting better on business meals

Submitted by BaylorBlondie on Wed, 06/28/2006 - 2:00pm.

I have clothes!  The airline delivered my luggage while I was at the meeting yesterday.  Last night after sailing (yes, I went sailing on a sailboat and didn’t drown!), we had dinner at the resort which included a clam bake.  Now I’m not sure if clams and huge lobsters are on the Sonoma Diet, but I just couldn’t pass up free lobster.  These aren’t baby lobsters either- they were big!  I consciously tried to keep my melted butter dipping to a minimum and also had a salad.  I did skip dessert last night.  This was a big deal as everybody at my table went back for seconds as well as dessert but I did not.  I felt a little guilty and they did question me for this, but to me, it was progress.  The night before, I had caved with dessert.  Last night, I was firm even when dessert was on a huge table five feet away.

Day 62: Travel Chaos

Submitted by BaylorBlondie on Tue, 06/27/2006 - 1:59pm.

Well, I’m sitting here at the resort in New York and tomorrow (well, technicallly today in a few hours) begins my three day business conference.  Unfortunately, the airline lost my luggage- they say it’s either in Dallas or La Guardia.  Nice.  I have washed the clothes I wore today (handwashing in the shower)  and will have to rewear these tomorrow since 1) we are not in the city, 2) there are no shops close by, and 3) it is after midnight.  This has been slightly stressful.  The upside is I have no appetite so I am not prone to midnight room service snacking. 

Day 61: Consciously Preventing Setbacks

Submitted by BaylorBlondie on Mon, 06/26/2006 - 12:49pm.

I’m leaving for another business trip today to New York City which meant staying up very late last night packing.  My healthier eating habits are becoming more commonplace.  Around 2:00am, I had serious munchies.  Instead of making something or snacking on what was readily accessible in the pantry, I went for a big glass of water.  This actually satisfied my craving again proving that those feelings might be thirst cravings instead of hunger munchies.

Day 58: Business Dinner- Part 2

Submitted by BaylorBlondie on Fri, 06/23/2006 - 12:48pm.

I’m back in town from my business trips to Portland and Seattle.  Unfortunately, I am pretty sure I gained a few pounds at the client events.  It’s one thing to cut portions when eating out with friends, but these situations were different.  As the event coordinator at these client dinners, I felt pressured to eat almost everything placed before me (the five course meal I had selected) in order to not risk appearing that I didn’t like it.  Despite my engourged and uncomrtable feeling at dinner, I still had clients comment that I wasn’t finishing my dinner.  Granted these were larger men commenting, but I still overindulged in order to try and finish the appetizers, salad, soup, filet mignon, shrimp scampi, and cheesecake.  Not only did I not finish any of these, I did not even touch the side dishes of asparagus and sauteed mushrooms.  I sat dumbfounded as I watched some of these men put away everything

Day 56: Business Dinner- Part 1

Submitted by BaylorBlondie on Wed, 06/21/2006 - 12:47pm.

Last night was a client cocktail/dinner in Portland.  While everything went perfectly, I was quite stuffed at the end of the meal.  Two nights of wine and dine (emphasis on the dine) with clients might be more than my stomach can literally take.  While I absolutely love my job and travling, this takes a toll on my diet.  Given that I’m sitting with clients at the table, I feel compelled to finish almost everything on my plate.  If I don’t, I feel that I’m sending the message that the food was not delicious or I am not having a good time.  Either way, this isn’t the message I want to send. 

Day 55: Portland: The Outdoorsy City

Submitted by BaylorBlondie on Tue, 06/20/2006 - 12:47pm.

I am in Portland today preparing for tonight’s client event.  I have never been to this area of the country so I am using the few free hours I have to see the city.  I spent last night and this morning walking around downtown taking in the sights.  This is such a gorgeous city even in downtown.  The sidewalks are lined with trees and there is a free rail system to shuttle people around.  I noticed that the people here are quite friendly and very outdoorsy.  I can’t blame them with this gorgeous weather.  There are small parks almost every other block with families and teenagers playing outdoors.  I am exicted that this city encourages outdoor recreation and the locals have taken to it. 

Day 54: Daily Encourager

Submitted by BaylorBlondie on Mon, 06/19/2006 - 12:46pm.

One thing I enjoy about the Sonoma Diet program is the daily emails.  Not only are these emails informative and encouraging but they occasionally are simple recipes.  It seems like I usually don’t have a lot of time each day to search the Sonoma Diet website for specific recipes.  It is convenient when one appears in my Inbox.  Regarding the other types of emails, some are common sense (ie: exercising is good for you) but nevertheless good information.  Another advantage of these emails is I am reminded first thing everyday about sticking to my diet in order to reach my goals.  Even when life gets quite hectic, the email is always there in my inbox waiting to encourage me towards a healthier way of living.