DAY 112:Zone Diet Meals?

Submitted by Live to Eat or ... on Tue, 08/29/2006 - 12:29am.

Has anyone tried the Zone Diet meals? I have seen them on the web site and the site has been marketing them in several of the daily emails. I just wonder if they are like the frozen food meals at the grocery store. I have not seen them in my local grocery stores and I am not aware if you can order them or not. Some of them look pretty good.

On a side note, it is comforting to read of others participating in the eating lifestyle, and how they conform to it in their everyday life. I know what I do obviously, but many times I wonder what other are doing. I truly enjoy reading of how others are staying in the Zone. I can compare it to my own habits as well as realize areas of improvement. I believe my area of improvement is still self control of my portion when not at work. At work I am an all star, but when I outside of work I tend to fail more often. I do remember that Dr. Sears recommends that when you fail don’t lose hope, just get back in the Zone the next meal or day if it was dinner, which is where my mess ups usually are.