DAY 115: Something Smells Fishy

Submitted by Live to Eat or ... on Thu, 08/31/2006 - 9:27pm.

I have like fish since I was a child.  My Dad lived in Florida, and eating fish we caught was a normal occurrence.  Sadly I only know how to clean a fish from memory, since I no longer fish, but I still love seafood.  Fish fry’s were huge when I was growing up and I ate fried fish whenever I could.  I apologize Zone Diet.  I did not know. 
As I grew up, I tested different ways of eating fish besides the ever so common fried delight.  What I found, was that grilling, and sautéing fish brought a whole new taste to the table.  Ketchup and tarter sauce was no longer a staple, because of all the flavors the herbs and spices add when cooked in these techniques.
Recently, the Zone Diet has made me aware of another way in which to cook my fish.  I did not know of poaching fish.  I was so enticed by the recipe, that I tried it the day after.  I have to admit that it needed a little sauce to meet my liking, but it did have a good flavor.  Being such a healthy meal and of light but good flavor, makes it a very enticing meal, with or without the sauce.  I would recommend the fish poaching recipe to anyone who is looking for a new healthy way to prepare fish.