DAY 127:When I Like Music

Submitted by Live to Eat or ... on Tue, 09/12/2006 - 7:50pm.

When I exercise, I like to listen to music.  I own a MP3 player with a band that attaches to my arm.  This little device gives me hours of my favorite music.  It gets me pumped up as well as takes my mind off of what I am doing.  Instead of running a mile and thinking about it the whole time, I am humming a song and thinking about the lyrics.  It also takes my mind of being worn out and helps me to focus. 

            The other day I was hanging out with several friends and was surprised that not everyone likes listening to music when they exercise.  One friend said that he did not like exercising and listening to music at all under any circumstance.  He said it broke his rhythm and was annoying.  Another friend said that she only enjoyed listening to music while exercising inside.  When exercising outside, she liked the sounds of nature.  I wonder if that statement would be true if she lived in the city.  Two friends said that it did not matter if there was music or not and two said they required music whenever they exercised.  I fall in the category of I like it but I do not require it.  I guess I was surprised, because I thought that in this day and age of the MP3 player and the IPOD that everyone would utilize the technology and be hooked on it.  I guess nature’s music still has a few cards left up her sleeve.