DAY 130:Skip the Dressing

Submitted by Live to Eat or ... on Sat, 09/16/2006 - 1:21am.

Today, I decided to make my own light Caesar dressing for a salad I was making for myself.  I printed off the recipe and prepared all the ingredients.  I enjoy a spicy Caesar dressing, so I followed the directions to add a heated flare to the recipe.  It looked different, but not abnormal.  I might have been a bit generous with the portion because I had made it and wanted to thoroughly enjoy my creation. I sat down at the dinner table and began to eat my salad masterpiece….I then began to gag and spit out the unbearable muck I had so joyfully called my creation only moments ago.  Whatever it was that I made, was the worst dressing, or condiment for that matter, that I have ever tasted.  I am done making dressing of any kind.  From now on I will leave it up to Ken’s Steak House and Hidden Valley.  Good luck to anyone making their own dressing and send me some if it turns out not to be poisonous.  I ended up eating a lean pocket for dinner.