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Submitted by Live to Eat or ... on Tue, 05/23/2006 - 9:20am.

I feel that dinner is my biggest enemy. I plan my meals throughout the day and stick to them. I have no problem with portion control or wanting to sneak in something from the vending machines. When I leave work, my self control becomes difficult to control. I am not sure why, but I tend to over eat. After over eating I then feel guilty about it.


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Yes I know I am no longer in college, and no longer single, and supposed to be grown up, but there is still so much fun to be had. My life has changed completely in the last one to two years, for the better I might add, but I still like to have fun. Maybe growing up means have fun, except using responsibility and sound judgment to do so. Yes, I like that definition and I am sticking to it. I want to be honest, and that is why I will tell of my weekend of falling off the wagon.

DAY 11: Progress?

Submitted by Live to Eat or ... on Thu, 05/18/2006 - 8:12pm.

Okay, it has almost been two weeks, and I finally weighed my self. The Zone Diet recommends weighing yourself once a week, so I decided to put my new scale to work. At 208, I have dropped a whole pound; however I am not sure I weighed at the right time. In fact, I actually have no clue when you are supposed to weigh yourself. If anyone has any ideas, PLEASE LET ME KNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Submitted by Live to Eat or ... on Tue, 05/16/2006 - 12:51pm.

According to the “Zone Diet,” 1 to 1 ½ pounds a week is considered a healthy weight loss plan. Now that is fine for someone who does not want to lose a terrible amount of weight, but what about those who want to lose substantial amounts? Granted, this diet is technically a lifestyle change that will guide you to health for the rest of your life. And that is fine, but I think some calculation should be done…


Submitted by Live to Eat or ... on Mon, 05/15/2006 - 1:58am.

Going back to my Alma Mater is always most enjoyable. It is like watching a home movie, except you are living it again. Somehow, I still have friends there, and in a way I feel like I never left when I am visiting. This is all changing, since two graduations are the reason I was in town. Two of my best friends graduated, which is great if you are not thinking in selfish mode. Secretly I am not sure if I wanted them to graduate. As long as they were in school, Waco did not change. Free food, free drink, great happy hour, I lots of fun people to hang out with.

DAY 5: Party Night / Graduation

Submitted by Live to Eat or ... on Sat, 05/13/2006 - 1:01am.

I have been on the Zone Diet for several days and I feel rather good. I feel as if I have a lot of energy. I have slept rather well and felt invigorated at work. I can’t say it is totally attributed to the Zone, but I can say that is how I feel. I am a little discouraged about this weekend, because I am headed to a college graduation. This is an excuse to partake in unlimited consumption of items that are not on this diet and moderation is not preferred. I am going to try and set limits, even though Mexican food is the food of choice of the weekend. I am a sucker for good Mexican food… and beverages.

DAY 3: Still the Beginning

Submitted by Live to Eat or ... on Wed, 05/10/2006 - 5:39pm.

Someone asked me about the meaning of my blog header. I responded, “The Beginning” represents a new way of eating or living. Each day is a fresh start. I cannot change how much or how little or what I ate yesterday, or the day before. I can only affect today and tomorrow and the next and so on. That is one thing I like about this new diet. There are no cards that say how many proteins I can have or that I can only eat cheese and no bread, or that certain beverages are off limits. I am allowed moderation in my life. I learn that the biggest enemy to me losing weight and keeping it off is not my favorite dessert, but eating too large of a portion of my favorite dessert. After my personal diatribe, that particular person told me they were actually wondering where I came up with the name of my overall blog. Maybe dieting and blogging are going to teach me a lot more than I thought.

DAY ONE: The Beginning

Submitted by Live to Eat or ... on Mon, 05/08/2006 - 5:37pm.

It is day one of my diet and my first blog ever. I am ready to begin the new lifestyle of eating, that the Zone Diet offers. My weight has fluctuated throughout my life; as well as my hairstyle. I guess I am like most Americans out there in that respect. I tend to pack on a couple pounds, realize it and then take measures to lose it. This vicious cycle has repeated for as long as I can remember. Strenuous exercise has always been the answer to my problem until now. After graduating college, I have found that the “real world” does not offer the luxury of an all inclusive workout facility that is free, but instead comes with a price tag and no time since my career seems to be so demanding.