And we’re back

Submitted by Hillary on Sun, 02/25/2007 - 9:01pm.

The Diet Channel had us on a hiatus for a little while there so they could do something technical and upgradey. I don’t know exactly what. And then when they let us bloggers back in, it coincided with an insanely busy week for me, so I’m even farther behind everyone else.

But I’m back now, and raring to go. In fact, the timing is particularly good, because my weight loss has slowed to a rate that is best described as glacial, and I needed something to give me a push. It’s not that I’ve gone back to eating junk food or I’m not working out. I’ve been exercising faithfully. In fact, just last Friday I ran six miles for the first time. I’m steadily getting stronger and fitter and even thinner looking. But the scale is not budging. This may be because it is hard to always be vigilant and perfect. I may not be going out of my way to eat junk food, but I have had pizza when they got it in at work, and I may have scarfed down a girl scout cookie or two lately. Always carefully portion controlled but perhaps I have not been as strict as I could be.

So, tomorrow morning I will have a weigh-in. And then I will start a six-week focused burst to see if I can start losing some weight at a more acceptable speed. In March I will have been on this diet for a year. I thought I would be finished losing weight and in to maintaining by now, but I still have 20 pounds to go. I’m roughly six pounds away from a normal BMI. If I can get there in my six week burst, I will be content. If I can lose 10 pounds, I’ll be thrilled. We’ll see how it goes.