You're so lucky - you have FAT LASHES!!!!

Submitted by Carolyn on Tue, 03/18/2008 - 7:41am.

As I ponder the mystery of the meaning of life and more importantly WHY I can't lose these last fifteen stubborn pounds, I read through my weight loss journals and my daily food diaries in an attempt to jump start my doomed metabolism. Finally, I FIND the journal entry that parts the clouds and justifies the current plateau!!!! Back in October when I was on the Today Show as part of the Joy Fit Club (definitely the high point in my "get the word out and help others lose weight vision", I was in the make up chair (very cool) when the make up artist said to me, "You are SO LUCKY, you have FAT LASHES." There it's not the fat grams, sugar content or daily carbs's the FAT LASHES!!! All the walking in the world won't reduce those babies!!!! OK, back to reality.

Walking - it's cheap, easy and it WORKS!!!!

Submitted by Carolyn on Thu, 03/06/2008 - 8:48am.

While walking through the neighborhood yesterday, I saw one of my neighbors with her right arm in a sling. Of course the powerful and need to know all Taurus came out of me and I asked her what happened. She told me that she was working out in the gym and tried a new exercise that had been recommended to her. Well, you guessed it, she fell and broke her arm. It was so severe that it required surgery (ouch!!) My exercise routine consists of walking - lots of walking. At lunch, during daily breaks at work and on weekends. When I stop at a mall or a store, I park at the back of the lot. I'm usually in and out of the store while the "parking lot vultures" are still circling looking for that FRONT ROW SPOT!!! I decided to walk because at my age, I didn't want to start an exercise program that I would not continue.

Surviving the Sweet Train!!!!!!

Submitted by Carolyn on Wed, 02/27/2008 - 1:44pm.

OK..........the last time we talked, I was trying NOT to gain the infamous "Twelve Pounds of Christmas". I hope everyone made it through without the old holiday velcro belt!!!!! Now, if I can only hold on until April 30th. Why April 30th? Well, that's my birthday and my annual "cut out the sweets for the next six months" day. The way I see it, the Christmas trees haven't quite made it to the recycling area when the Valentine chocolates hit the market. What's up with the chocolate AND the Valentine lingerie on display IN THE SAME AREA OF THE DEPARTMENT STORES!!!!!! Is that considered effective marketing???And now that we can buy the valentine marshmallow hearts at 75% off - the dreaded Easter marshmallow PEEPS are multiplying quickly (how do they do that?).

The Twelve Pounds of Christmas

Submitted by Carolyn on Mon, 12/17/2007 - 7:58am.

My New Year's resolution is to lose weight (again). Let's be honest, how many times have we made losing weight our goal for the new year? Personally, if I ACTUALLY lost weight every year that I promised to - I would have disappeared due to weight loss!!!!! My story that can be found on the web site details my weight loss journey that, unfortunately, came about as a result of my husband's untimely death due to a heart attack. Over the past two years, I have lost 106 pounds naturally. I now have a New Year's EVE resolution for 2007.

May 10

Submitted by Amy Mindless Ea... on Thu, 05/10/2007 - 12:56pm.

Today has been a good day. Monday was my first day with a personal trainer and i just loved it! i wish i could afford to have her train me everyday but for now once a week is all i get. she did give me a copy of the workout we did so that ican do it on my own though. tonight will be my first time doing that routine by myself. tuesday i didn't have time to workout and wednesday i was not feeling well. tomorrow is tae kwon sculpt class. i really enjoy it and there is not too many people in that class so it is not as intimidating.
tonight dinner will be chili with just me and ds. hubby has to work and dd has gone out of town on a band trip.

May 7

Submitted by Amy Mindless Ea... on Mon, 05/07/2007 - 9:32am.

Well this weekend was not well as far as sticking to my goals. i just had alot going on. i had to take my daughter to have 8th grade grad pics made and then i had to get her ready for the big dance. the rest of the time and forthe rest of the weekend i had to be at the house while the floor man redid our kitchen floor. hubby had to work all weekend so everything got left to me. that was fine but i had to eat out at all of my meals because i couldn't get in the kitchen. but the floors do look great !
today is my first session with a personal trainer. i am very excited!! i know that i can do this, it will take time, but it will happen if i just keep going.

May 3

Submitted by Amy Mindless Ea... on Thu, 05/03/2007 - 12:39pm.

I finished the survey about myself and what i think i need to work on most. i also picked my 3 challenges plus a non-food challenge for the month. i think this is going to be great! not just for me but to help others see how hard it is but that it can be done. My 3 food goals for this month are: eat something small every 3-4 hours, eat on smaller plates and with taller glasses, and downsize carbs and upsize veggies. my non food challange is to exercise for 45 minutes a day 5 days a week. These seem pretty basic and I would love to be able to say i will do it everyday but realistically i will be happy if i do it 3/4 of the time.

Week one wrap up

Submitted by Hillary on Tue, 03/06/2007 - 8:58pm.

The first week of my six-week burst went fairly well. I stuck to my healthy eating goals pretty well. I stayed away from the junk food and practiced good portion control. I exercised five out of the seven days, taking one night off because I got home late, and one night because I had bruised my foot pretty and it needed a break. I even tried that spinning class.

Unfortunately, it didn’t have the desired effect – I didn’t lose a single pound. At this point, I’m hoping the burst will have a cumulative effect. I do tend to gap down in weight, so hopefully I’ll drop a couple of pounds three weeks in or something. Although, I know I won’t get to work out Thursday or Friday this week, and I probably won’t get to work out Tuesday or Wednesday of next week. Thursday is my birthday, and while I could “give myself the gift of fitness” or some such corny thing and actually go to the gym after work, I think I’d prefer to give myself the gift of Indian food for dinner and snuggling by the fire with my husband instead. Friday night I promised to go to a Pampered Chef party that my mom’s friend is having, and I know there’s no way I’ll get to work out that night. And then next week I have work-related dinners two nights. Theoretically if those end early enough, I might get to work out. We’ll see.

The best laid plans

Submitted by Hillary on Mon, 03/05/2007 - 9:16pm.

You know what is not good? Annie’s whole wheat deluxe creamy macaroni and cheese. In fact, I would go so far as to say it is awful. I have always been an eager supporter of Annie’s products. I like their philosophies. I like that they are headquartered in Wakefield, MA, which is my mom’s hometown. I like their salad dressings. I even usually like their macaroni and cheese. However, I most certainly do not like their whole wheat deluxe creamy macaroni and cheese. It is particularly not good when you are sitting down to dinner at 9:40 at night. At 9:20, I said to John, “I’d really like to have soup, but if I make that, I won’t get to eat until 10, and I’m really hungry. I think I’ll try this new whole wheat macaroni and cheese I bought.” And then I tried it, and it was inedible, which left me back where I started, except by then I was even hungrier, and also slightly bitter.

You spin me right ‘round baby

Submitted by Hillary on Thu, 03/01/2007 - 8:11pm.

I tried my first spinning class tonight. Everyone kept telling me it would be the perfect exercise to help me break through a plateau and take my fitness to a higher level. Plus, Becky has been after me to try a class with her. I wasn’t sure about it. Part of me was worried it would be too hard and I’d pass out and fall off the bike, or throw up or something equally humiliating. But it really wasn’t that bad. Don’t get me wrong – it was hard – good hard! My first clue about what I was really in for was when I got there and Becky said “You made it! I’m so glad. Hey, I brought you a towel and a water bottle because I forgot to tell you that you’d need them.” Forgot, or conveniently neglected to mention it so I wouldn’t freak out ahead of time? Probably a smart move on her part, since I was already anxious.