And now for something completely (ok, only somewhat) different

Submitted by Hillary on Tue, 01/09/2007 - 2:44am.

Instead of talking about me, let’s talk about my husband for just a minute.   

He has, perhaps motivated by the success I’ve had over the past nine months, has decided to join me on the getting fit/losing weight wagon.  It’s interesting to see him just starting out on the same path I took – figuring out what he can and can’t eat, working hard to change his habits and even harder to resist temptation.  So far, he’s made it a week without his beloved soda.  He’s been riding our exercise bike a few more minutes each day, and today he added in push-ups and sit-ups.  He’s pretty determined so far.  He’s even overcome a broken belt on our elderly and somewhat busted up exercycle (duct tape really can fix anything) and kept on going.   

Day 85

Submitted by Janetcooper07 on Mon, 01/08/2007 - 4:07pm.

20 lbs!!!!YEAH!!

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Day 81

Submitted by Janetcooper07 on Thu, 01/04/2007 - 12:14pm.

For all of my bitching and griping I have lost a total of 19 lbs in 80 days and getting very close to my next big accomplisment of 20 lbs!  I now don't even think about it, it is just subconscious for me.  Free foods, stay away from limited foods, keep my food diary, look up the calories, etc... I have never accomplished anything like this on my own. 

Got the pics back from New Years,then I compared them to last years pics.  You can really tell a difference in my face and my figure, I am getting some nice curves! 

This one is for Rhonda"

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Shift in perspective

Submitted by Hillary on Thu, 01/04/2007 - 3:11am.

Lately, when I look in the mirror, I find myself dwelling on my body’s faults.  I look so much better than I did, but my stomach isn’t flat yet.  My thighs are still too big.  My arms are showing definition, but they aren’t perfect.   

Then this morning, John says to me “You are getting sexier and sexier every day.”  Not only did that earn him more good husband points than possibly any other statement he’s ever made, and make me feel very, very good about myself, but it also got me to thinking.  Why have I gone from being excited about the positives to being focused on the negatives?   

Nothing Motivates Like Frustration

Submitted by L_ANSARI on Thu, 01/04/2007 - 1:17am.

January 3, 2007
Day 155

I feel like I have posted something along these lines before. In fact, I'm pretty sure I have a few times. But the effect is so impressive to me that I have to reiterate that nothing motivates like frustration and anxiety. Positive energy works too, but most of the time I am dealing with a lot of pent up stress when I go to the gym and I notice the effect on my workout. Now I have heard others talk about how it really doesn't help all that much to workout when you are stressed and that some research study somewhere proved that stress levels remained high after a workout when under duress. That said, I have an unlimited amount of energy in the gym when I am under pressure of some sort.

Ha Ha Ha!!

Submitted by Janetcooper07 on Tue, 01/02/2007 - 12:56pm.

I looked great for New Years Eve in my new size 10! I did it! Eat your heart out Nicky, I am getting there.  Anyway, Danny and I had a great time, we danced and had a blast.  We needed the night out, and it was great to show off a bit.

 Coming to work today was tough, but this morning I got an email on our weight loss challenge.  last year, the woman who won it lost 20 pounds in three months, but she is heavier today than when she started.  Yikes!!!!!!!!!!!! Anyway, i think I am going to join and see if someone else wants to join my plan.

Last weigh in, another 1/2 lb. down!!!!!

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Submitted by Hillary on Tue, 01/02/2007 - 2:25am.

Wow, I can’t quite believe how long it has been since I posted here.  A perfect storm of work stuff, family stuff and the holidays combined to take over my life, but now my life is returning to normal. 

I’ve come up with a bunch of resolutions for the new year.   Actually, I have two lists, because I am a list-making fool, but I’m not going to bore you with both of them.  This is my fitness-centered list, although I can see that I need to make an exception to that and put “write in Diet Channel blog more regularly” at the top of the list.  So, we’ll make that #1.  Here’s the rest of the list:

The Best Laid Plans

Submitted by L_ANSARI on Sun, 12/31/2006 - 5:50am.

December 30, 2006
Day 151

I finally made it to Jenny Craig this week to have my weekly weigh in which I have missed for almost a month. I was not happy (but not surprised) to learn I gained three pounds. The holidays are hell. Not only that but I had all my family and my fiancé at home for Christmas. The math is as follows:

My Mother (lots of cheese and breads) +
My Sister (Chinese food) +
My Father (nervous eater of lunchmeats and lattes) +
Fiancé and three year old son (Mac and cheese, chocolate and lots of cookies)
= diet failure of extraordinary proportions for me

I did try but I am not to be trusted around tasty food. I know this is a lame excuse. Don't you think I realize this? Nevertheless, I succumbed as I usually do and I feel bad. I have kept up with my workouts. The problem is that working out and eating crap doesn't work. They don't cancel each other out as I was so hoping they would. All that happened was I felt my exercise clothes and my underwear to be a bit tighter.

Day 74

Submitted by Janetcooper07 on Thu, 12/28/2006 - 11:41am.

I have lost another 1 1/2 lb. over Christmas!  Yeah!!!!! I am now at 175.5, for a total of 17.5 lbs. in ten weeks! This is the first time that I have ever lost any weight of substance, so I have the right to be excited. 

The other good news is that I got a nice card and Christmas present, The Diet Smart Plan is giving me 3 additional months free, so I got more time to write and hopefully get to 20 lbs. real soon. 

 I am at work and no one is in the office, which is good, I could do with the peace and quite today.  It has been insane and I need the peace and quite.

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Winter Holiday Tips From Jenny Craig

Submitted by L_ANSARI on Sat, 12/23/2006 - 10:50pm.

December 17, 2006
Day 138

Winter Holiday Tips From JC

So, I recently picked up this guide to holiday eating from JC and finally got around to looking at it. I received a similar guide for Halloween but didn’t get around to posting some of the hilarious “suggestions” Jenny Craig has. The Christmas tips sheet isn’t so bad. But there are still a few Tips that I find irritating and would love to share my frustration with the Diet Channel community!!

Things I Agree with:

1. “Shopping at the grocery store on a full stomach.” Always a good idea in my book.
2. “Set a goal weight for the holidays. Take into consideration your holiday schedule and decide if it is reasonable to maintain your weight or set a more reasonable weight loss goal.” I like this. It is realistic.