The Mediterranean Diet – A Way of Life

The Mediterranean diet is not new. In fact, it is ancient. Inhabitants of the Mediterranean basin have been eating this “diet” for centuries. According to Artemis Simopoulos, of The Center for Genetics, Nutrition and Health, the term “Mediterranean Diet” is misleading, since there as many Mediterranean diets as there are countries around the Mediterranean Sea (J. Nutr. 131:3065S-3073S, … Read more

Mediterranean diet: Will it help you lose weight?

Will I lose weight on the Mediterranean diet? Mediterranean cuisine is heart healthy and seems to reduce cancer risk. The term Mediterranean diet really applies to the food pattern that provides these health benefits, rather than to a weight loss regimen. There is no predictable effect on weight loss. However, if you switch to a Mediterranean food plan, … Read more

Mediterranean Cuisine and Cancer

While much of the interest in the Mediterranean diet has focused on the beneficial effect on heart health, this style of eating has another possible benefit – it is associated with a lower risk of cancer. The reasons for this effect aren’t clear. It’s likely that several food components work together against cancer. Higher omega 3 fats … Read more

Mediterranean Food at Home

Looking over the food groups on the Mediterranean Pyramid, you likely have one of two reactions: This looks pretty easy -OR- There’s nothing to eat! Your reaction depends on how you already go about choosing food everyday. If you enjoy cooking, eat most of your food at home and enjoy new tastes, you shouldn’t have any … Read more

Dining Out Mediterranean

Thanks to the growing interest in Mediterranean-style foods, you shouldn’t have any trouble finding restaurants that offer these selections when dining out. Just Google “Mediterranean restaurants” and you’ll find lots of choices in most major cities. But don’t feel that you’re limited to themed restaurants if you want to stick to a Mediterranean diet. Most restaurants have menu … Read more

Men’s Fitness: General Info

Men’s fitness focuses on the health of the male body. With the prevalence of heart problems, high cholesterol, obesity, impotence, back problems, and cancer, men today suffer from a wide variety of health concerns. Fortunately, it is never too late to start exercising and eating properly in order to reap health benefits. Exercise is important … Read more